Hitler 's Power Of Germany Essay

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Before Adolf Hitler came in the power of Germany, Germany was going through a rough time. They was having the worst time of their history. “The worldwide economic depression had hit the country especially hard” (Hitler Comes, web). Germany was still having a rough time recovering. Whenever a country gets hit by a depression, there is always a new leader to take over the country. They were still recovering from the brutal loss from World War 1. This helped a lot for Hitler and his party to come in power of the Germany. Hitler was really good as convincing people with his speech. It helped him a lot to get Germany under his control. “In the 1932 elections, the Nazis won 33 percent of the votes, more than any other party. In January 1933 Hitler was appointed chancellor, the head of the German government, and many Germans believed that they had found a savior for their nation” (Hitler Comes, web). He was gaining his place in the German government really fast. Because of Hitler, Germany had become a dictatorship again. “Germans had not right to their freedom of speech for many years” (David, web). They were taken of their basic rights. Hitler’s party were set to go on yet another war but before they had to prepare. In order to do so, Nazi introduced a four year plan. They stopped imports and started to provide subsidies for industries. Factories were set up to produce arms and ammunition instead of what they were used for before. “The Reich Food Estate was created…

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