Hitachi Case Study

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Financial Management
Hitachi is contributing to building a better society through the cultivation of financial services that meet the needs of customers and society. Based on this philosophy, Hitachi supplies leases, insurances, and other financial services with high added value that combine a variety of functions. The key focus for Hitachi’s financial services in recent years includes the supply of finance schemes for the construction of social infrastructure, helping provide a safe and secure way of life in areas such as healthcare and agriculture, as well as wind power and other forms of renewable energy; vendor finance that helps small and medium sized enterprises adopt IT and business efficiency improvements; and its vehicle solutions
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Which will help in the smooth running of the business and it will also ensure that it is able to reach its full potential. they been financing recruitment agencies with great success for decades, providing essential recruitment factoring to support the day to day running of their business and with their new product Inspired Payroll one also gets the benefit of a ground breaking cloud based administration solution that will free up the time to concentrate on what do the best that is growing the business. Payroll processing solutions provides recruitment business with a cash flow injecton. One Receives funding for the recruitment agency, from an award winning and trusted invoice finance provider. And it boost the cash flow. Hitachi gives flexible funding lines, credit …show more content…
With a strong devotion to after sales backup and support, a dedicated nationwide sales and service network, and a commitment to always pushing forward with power tool design and technology, Hitachi is the choice of professional tradesmen nationwide.

Hitachi Group is Active in a wide range of business sector as advanced I.T plays an important role in global operations of Hitachi’s social innovation business with the new technology and experience built up over the years come the synergies that feed new innovation. Their I.T department has become crucial in providing more advanced products and services
They are also building a better society through the cultivation of financial services that meets the customer and society they provide the social infrastructure to provide the safe and secure ways of life in the areas such as healthcare, agriculture, wind power and other forms of renewable energy. The company is more customer-driven and always believes in creating new value for the society with their customers. They are encouraging diversity, inclusion and is seeking to buildup more diverse workforce globally with global standardized human resource practices and evaluation

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