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Bosnian Genocide in 1995
Outline Plan
Bosnian Genocide was a terrible act of murder which started when Muslims and Croats voted for independence in referendum that was boycotted by Serbs In 1992.When the European Union recognized Bosnian’s independence the war broke out and Serb’s occupied the country. I chose to do my Research about this while studying The Rwanda Genocide in 1994. I discovered that Rwanda wasn’t the only genocide that happened in the past and I really wanted to learn something about the attack in Srebrenica in 1995, where around 8,000 people were killed.
By doing this research study I hope to improve my research skills which will be a great start before I go to university. I hope it will help me make my note-taking
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In July following year Serbs troops entered Srebrenica. They not only attacked the ‘Safe area’ but also attacked the U.N. peacekeepers as well. The Dutch soldiers had been taken prisoner by the Serbs and nobody did anything to help them. Serbs had already fought with Muslim soldiers in the other villages so it was easier for them to get in.
It was the time of murder, torture and beating. They destroyed homes, workplaces and places of worship that were important for Muslims. Serbs separated civilians, putting the women and girls on buses to Bosnian-held territory. Some of them were treated very badly. They were raped and sexually assaulted while the men and boys between the age of twelve and sixty were killed immediately or they were sending to concentration camps. Up to 3,000, who tried to escape, were shot or decapitated in the fields. A third of the 5,200 refugees from Srebrenica were less than 5 years old. Finally on August 30, 1995, effective military intervention finally began as the U.S. led a massive North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) bombing campaign in response to the killings at Srebrenica which last for three weeks. Because Serbs stars to become weak, Milosevic agreed to enter the talks in Dayton, Ohio, USA in November 1995. In result, an agreement that ended the war was signed in December 1995.

It divided Bosnia into a Croat-Muslim Federation and Republika Srpska.

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