History of the U.S. Health Care Delivery System Essay

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History of the U.S. Health Care Delivery System
Over the course of our countries history, the delivery of our health care system has tried to meet the needs of our growing and changing population. However, we somehow seem to fall short in delivering our goals of providing quality, affordable and accessible healthcare to our citizens. The history of our delivery system will show we continuously changed the delivery of our system however never mange to control cost. If we can come up with efficient ways to cut cost, the delivery of quality care will follow.
The delivery of the U.S. healthcare system has changed drastically over the years from the inception of organized healthcare to today’s underdeveloped system. Prior to the 1920’s,
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During John F. Kennedy’s term in office, the modern governmental proposal of a national health care system was proposed. Physicians and insurance companies who still profiting well from the current system quickly opposed the proposal and the health care system stayed driven by private markets. The American government realized the only way to successfully enact government-sponsored healthcare was to start slowly; the elderly was a natural target segment. (Add Quote) In 1965, legislation enacted a government reimbursement program called Medicare and Medicaid which would reimburse doctors at a reasonable rate for providing services to the elderly and the poor. This would be the first “government health plan” in which beneficiaries would be approved for governmental coverage if they met certain income, age and disability guidelines. Although both programs only cover a small percentage of the underserved, government expenses for the program continue to rise. Self employed individuals, small companies, and the unemployed still lacked access to adequate health care as the government programs still found no way to cover these populations.
Until recent legislation, between the 1960’s and today, the delivery of health care services had not changed much. The private insurance companies and Medicaid and Medicare government programs were the only system in existence providing organized access for care. Those

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