Essay about History Of Cosmetics Has Been Around For Many Decades

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Make Up Trends

The history of Cosmetics has been around for many decades. Starting all the way back at least 6000 years ago. Many cultures have included makeup as their form of union. Native Americans tribes painted their faces for events or battle. In Japan Geisha’s wear makeup as their style. Back when make up was invented it was worn as a statement representing their culture. Now in the 20th century make up is worn as a fashion statement along with boosting women’s self esteem, defining your true beauty. It is entirely possible that cosmetics have been apart of human existence for a very long time. When did people first start using makeup? There is no clear answer to this but records show it has come from Ancient Egyptian and Sumerian tombs dating back to 3500BC. They used natural ingredients to paint their faces, and had special tools to apply their makeup. It’s been known that body paint may have been used 50,000 years ago, stating people painted their bodies before they even wore clothes. Cosmetics usage throughout history can be indicative of a civilization’s practical concerns. In 1000BCE men and women in Egypt used scented oils and ointment to clean and soften their skin and mask body odor. In 15000BCe Chinese and Japanese citizens used rice powder to make their faces white. Cosmetics have evolved a lot. Lets take a look back and see how makeup has evolved. In the early cosmetic years around 100AD people in Rome use barley, flour, and butter on their…

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