History of Computers Essay

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CIS 110
March 13, 2010

The history through Computer and its timeline defines the beginning for where it all began. Let’s start in the year 1939 where David Packard and Bill Hewlett first started there company there first product was called the HP 200A Audio Oscillator which was a popular piece of test equipment for the engineers Walt Disney Pictures was their first customer and ordered eight of the 200B model to use as sound effects generators for the movie “Fantasia” in the 1940s the first (CNC) that was build was call “The Complex Number Calculator” designed by researcher George Stibitz and demonstrated in New York at the Dartmouth College. This demonstration showed that this was to consider to be the first
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Military in designing Bombs or testing new weaponry for WWII. Through the course of our timeline in the history of computers I have seen that the first use in are beginning stages of computers was not use on how they are use in today’s world and how advanced we became over the course of our timeline in history. A lot of the history before time in today’s world evolved a lot of what I was reading was just not based on computers and there functionality but what makes up the beginning part of our technology as well starting with Networking, People & Pop Culture, Robots & Artificial Intelligence, Software & Languages, and Graphics & Gamming but it does not stop there the List goes on and On but a real main use where computers had to function and how to understand how they was build and to Multi task is learning the programming Languages that is use to translate what we write into Machine Language these functions are called an assimilators. A few program languages are Java, JavaScript, Pascal, C and C++, Visual Basic, COBOL, FORTRAN, C#, BASIC, Python, these program languages are most comely use for writing a program and one of the components that now and days all computers have on their desktop in use of uploading or downloading programs and seeing pictures on a web page without the use of these languages your

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