History Of Atlantic Canadian History And Its Impact On Our World

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Since 1971, there has been some important and innovative changes in Atlantic Canadian historiography that has made an impact on our world. One of the greatest landmark’s in Atlantic Canadian history, in my opinion, was the resurgence of treaties rights for the Mi’gmaq and Maliseet nation. Thus, my focus for this essay will be on Mi’gmaq historiography in regards to fishing and treaty rights in the maritimes. There have been three well known fishing disputes in Atlantic Canada, ranging from the 1981 the Listuguj Raid, to the 1999 Supreme Court ruling concerning the Donald Marshall Case, and a year later with the Burnt Church Crisis. All of these historic events are steps for the Mi’gmaq Nation to reclaiming their treaty rights. After over 100 years of the Mi’gmaq resistance to colonial oppression, our treaty rights have re-emerged in respect of our ancestors who signed, ensuring the survival of the next seven generations. I am the seventh generation and today I can hunt and fish in my territory because of the resistance to assimilate our traditional ways.

Listuguj Raid- 1981
We Mi’gmaq understand the balance of life very well, as this teaching has been passed down from generation to generation. When the number of salmon declined considerably we were the first to be blamed. The Quebec Minister of Fisheries strongly believed that it was solely our fault that the number of salmon was declining at an alarming rate and that was when he sent the telex. The first Mi’gmaq…

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