History Of African American Hair Essay examples

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Physical beauty is defined as a combination of various traits and characteristics that pleases the aesthetic sense. The history of African-American hair plays an influential role in what is viewed as “good hair” in society. ”Good hair” can be shown through the cultural history of the group itself, the history of resources available, and lastly how the hair is maintained as of today. The treatment of African-Americans beginning in the six-teenth century was horrific and played an enormous role in how their hair is viewed as of today. Spanish and Portuguese explor-ers arrived in the New World with the first Africans along with them. In 1619 Africans arrived in the area that became the Unit-ed States. The captain of a Dutch man-of-war ship sold many cap-tives to settlers at Jamestown. The conditions that African- Americans were thrust into were unexplainably terrible. Gang la-bor was the usual form of employment under the plantation system. When they arrived, automatically their hair was cut off in order to break their culture (Black Women’s Hair: A Brief

History: 1400-1900). Property ownership was not allowed amongst the slaves unless sanctioned by a slave master. Rape was common amongst female slaves and was not considered a crime. Housing, food, and clothing were of poor quality as well (Drewry). During that time many thought that slavery would remain and never change. Most servants believed they would continue in bondage forever. Slavery existed…

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