History And Historical Artifacts Of Denver Essay

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Denver, Colorado is filled with history and historical artifacts, most hidden within reserved collections. However, the Governor’s Residence provides guests a look into the past as artifacts are put on exhibit in service of the Governor’s family as function pieces. The Governor’s Residence passed from owner to owner starting with the Cheeseman family who built the mansion in 1908. The Boettcher’s purchased the residence in 1923 from Gladys Evans, a descendant of the Cheesmans. During the 1920’s, the Boettcher’s had more decorative freedom than their Victorian predecessors and mixed modern and classic styles as well as making additions onto the house. The Palm room, the Palm Dining Room, and Well room hold a large amount of marble. It is apparent that the Boettchers were fond of Neo Classical Italian works and materials by glancing around these rooms. The Boettcher collection at the Colorado Governor’s Residence contains several Carrara marble sculptures in various styles and sizes. Four marble sculptures in particular stand out based on their location, size, and the intricate carving details and motifs. This paper will focus on the symbolism and materials of the two marble console tables with mythological animal bases, the marble well head that the Well Room is named, and the marble Ave Maria Plaque located in the Library. These statement pieces are an important in presenting Colorado history and creating a functional living space for the Governor and his…

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