History And Education Of The United States Essay

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History of Education in the United States
Education has played a vital part in the economic growth and development of the country from the 17th century. Education has been a critical factor in terms of productivity for all these centuries and it has opened a lot of opportunities for the community to expand their reach and become one of the greatest super powers it is today. Education plays a very important part in improving productivity which also effects the incomes of those people who gain education through educational institutions. Education grants useful knowledge and skills to the learners and these greatly help people to enhance their potentials and capabilities.
The first educational institutions started in the 17th century in the thirteen colonies. In 1635 the first public school that started its operations in the United States was Boston Latin School. Till today Boston Latin School is still the oldest public school still operating. Initially the public schools did not emphasis much on reading of math and the subjects that were taught in these schools were related to the virtues of religion, families and societies.
In the early days women were not taught to write however they were only taught to read. In 1647 the General Court of Massachusetts Bay Colony made it obligatory that there should be an elementary schools in each town that holds at least fifty families. Towns where there was a population of more than hundred families were obligated to have a Latin…

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