Historical Significance Of Saucier Elementary School Essay

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Historical Significance

Saucier Elementary is a K-6 school with a rich history. The school first opened its doors in 1905 as Saucier High School where both male and female students could earn an education. At that time, the tuition based school included dormitory housing, supervised by the principal and his wife. The school became part of the Harrison County School District in 1957. In the late 1960?s the school reorganized to serve as a first through eighth grade facility.

Although Saucier Elementary has seen many changes since its inception, the school still reflects the heritage, history, and values of the community that it serves. Generations of many families have been educated within the hallowed halls of Saucier Elementary, which gives the school a family like ambiance. One thing that has remained a constant throughout the years is the mission to provide all students with every opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

School Demographics Saucier Elementary School is one of 14 elementary schools in the Harrison County School District, the fourth largest school district in regard to student population in Mississippi. The district is made up of all of the rural areas outside of the cities located within Harrison County. The school district contains approximately 450 square miles, within nine unique communities. Each community contains its own diverse population and unique cultural heritage. Even though the…

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