Essay Historical Development And Its Impact On History

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There are many things that shape historical development and there are many different views on the subject as well. As we learn history in school and on, we all morph our views to the new things we learn. People are at the core of historical development and I would argue God plays a part as well. Historical development is something that everyone contributes to. Then, to understand what shapes historical development, we have to ask many questions to understand. We may not even fully understand after trying to answer these questions, because people change their minds and there are always a different sides to the story. With age, I think our minds will change and morph into something different. With that, people being predictable are hard to think about because they can change. I think that has to be a little predictability because then how we predict anything or how do know that we do not learn from our past? Also, how would we know that most people rely on power and self-interest? Historical development is based on people and events told by people. First, you have to ask, what is responsible for this change in historical development. At the core of this change is people’s actions then subsequently people’s ideas and vise versa. The reason I say that it is a historian’s job to learn more and more things about history, and then to form opinions on those findings. With that, those findings can impact what everyone thinks about a moment in history and that allows the growth for…

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