A Short History Of Progress By Ronald Wright Essay

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Humans are one of the most violent and selfish species on Earth. In the book A Short History of Progress, written by Ronald Wright, it explains how the past’s consequences still affect people today. If humans do not change the way they act soon, they will live with the consequences and so will the future generations. Violence and greed are some of the things that have brought empires down and it can soon happen today, Wright believes that humans are the “last ship sailing.” Through time humans have been able to learn by trial and error, but today, we are not able to make mistakes without great consequences. Wright’s argument should start and shape a larger discussion; it will allow everyone to learn from past mistakes so that history would not repeat itself. Violence has been around for many years, people believe that it did not originate from a certain time or place, but it comes from within ourselves. In Wright’s book, it explains how the production of the atomic bomb shows how much length people go through to get the end result they want and need. The building of the atomic bomb was a progress in the weapons industry but even:
Several of the scientists who created the atomic bomb recognized this in the 1940s, telling politicians and others that the new weapons had to be destroyed. ‘The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking,’ Albert Einstein wrote, ‘and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophes,’ And a few years later,…

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