Historical/Biographical Criticism- Frankenstein (the Modern Prometheus)

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Historical/ Biographical Criticism-

Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus, was first published anonymously January 1st, 1818. Although a work of gothic science fiction, Mary Shelly incorporated a multitude of sociological events that occurred between the late eighteen-century and the early nineteen-century; most specifically, the themes of this literary work and the characterization of the protagonist Victor Frankenstein, which integrate aspects that affected both Mary Shelly’s personal life and the European continent.
Mary Shelly was born in 1797 and enjoyed a fairly happy childhood. Like her character Victor Frankenstein, she was raised with very little formal education but benefitted from frequent educational outings. As she grew
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Romantics also believed that man is naturally good, and that society is at fault for the corruption of man. This “noble savage” is portrayed by the monster in this work. Living in nature, he was simple and good natured; encountering “civilized” men, the monster is attacked and beaten. Once the monster learns how to read and speak, he learns emotions

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