Historical Background Of Patriot Act And The Nsc 68 Essay

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Core Objective Assessment
Historical background of PATRIOT Act and the NSC-68
For many years prior to the World Trade Center attacks, Brian Michael and Paul Bremer played an extraordinary role related to aviation security. Since that incidence, Bremer and Jenkins have been in the forefront in developing the program, PATRIOT Act, which reduced the threat of the security in America (Finley 4).
On the other hand, the Soviet military threat to the America after the World War II was well-known to be hyped for political and financial gains. The propaganda on the Cold War was effective in developing government policy (NSC-68) in order to have an effective framing of all the national conversation on threats and media control (Newman 219).
Significance of both documents
NSC-68 was intended to elaborate on the US national security policy. The document was first meant to give guidance to the problem of the world crisis and ensure that there is respect to the global distribution of power. For instance, following the defeat of the Japan and German, the Soviet Union represented the two central powers. The Soviet Union had antithetical objectives compared to those implemented by the US, as it sought to impose total authority to the entire world. As a result, there were irreconcilable struggles that occurred between the slave society and the free trade society. That is the difference between the freedom under the government of laws and the idea of slavery. This resulted to eruption of Cold…

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