Historical Background Of Child Rearing Essay

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Up to this point, we have learned about theoretical and historical background of child rearing and various types of parenting patterns and how it varies among cultures. When I learn about the history of child rearing I started to understand how people, especially Americans, were influenced by the experts and theorists such as Freud and Erikson and how their beliefs and behaviors of child rearing altered by the influence of the experts. It is also really interesting to see how people’s beliefs about child rearing change from autocratic parenting to another type of parenting that emphasize on understanding the children. Besides that, I am really captivated in how early childhood educators, especially Maria Montessori challenged parents to give their children freedom to learn and explore by themselves. When Professor Engels showed the video of how the Montessori school works and what children in the Montessori school normally do, I was so fascinated by what I saw on the video. I loved to see how the children were given the freedom to play on their own and how the teachers just act as an observer to the children and help the children only if the children need help for something. I am from Southeast Asia, and as far as I know, in my country there are no preschool that used a Montessori method that give children freedom to do things by themselves—so this is a new thing for me. I also agree that giving children their freedom to explore and learn will help the children to…

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