Hispanic Culture On Capitol Hill Essay

1749 Words Dec 15th, 2016 7 Pages
My participant observation paper is about Hispanics and their changing culture in participating in the United States Government. Ever since President- elect Donald J Trump spoke so poorly about Hispanics, I wanted to know about the hispanic culture on capitol hill. I intern on the Hill and see many hispanics, but I often don’t know what they are thinking or what their culture is on the hill and for their constituents. The first hispanic in congress was Delegate Joseph Marion Hernandez of Florida in 1822. Since then, 102 Hispanics have served in the United States Government, representing both parties. In the beginning, hispanics faced prejudice and objection when entering the government. The United states government limited their voice and often barred them from entering the capitol building. When the United States was trying to grow their country 's territory, they took land from Mexico . In order to be fair, they allowed Delegates from that areas into congress. However, the United States Government limited their legislative power. It wasn 't until after the Spanish American War of 1898, when the United States gained Caribbean islands, and realized there were even more places to govern. Because of that the United States allowed more hispanics to have legislative power. Hispanics in government became even more prominent after World War II, where they used grassroots activism to protect hispanic civil rights and expand United State’s citizenship rules and regulations.…

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