Essay about His/135 Week 5 Assignment Vietnam War

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The Vietnam War is one of America’s longest lasting wars beginning in 1955, and lasting until 1975. The United States became involved in the Vietnam War because of its efforts to stop communism in Southeast Asia. The United States feared that if communist took over Southeast Asia it would cause a domino effect around the world. The United States began sending financial aid and military advisors to South Vietnam to help stop a communist takeover. North Vietnam was run by communist leader Ho Chi Minh, and the South had a non-communist government. An election to unify Vietnam would be held in 1955, fearing that Ho Chi Minh would win the elections South Vietnam president Ngo Dinh Diem refused to hold an election that would unify the country. …show more content…
According to The history connection (2010) “Students protested and gathered, building rage against the war spurring events like the Kent State Massacre. The Kent State Massacre is named after a calm protest uprooted when guards killed and wounded students by opening fire on a mass of students as they gathered on the Kent State campus.”
The student’s protest had little effect on the war effort; the United States continued the draft and the death toll continued to rise. The student unrest across America had an effect on the recruiting of potential military recruits. Students across the United States began to protest against the recruitment of soldiers. One example of such incidents occurred at the University of Iowa. According to Meller (2010) “The first major antiwar demonstration at the University of Iowa occurred in November 1967. Marine Corps recruiters were trying to sign up new recruits. A crowd of anti-war students blocked the entrance to the student union.” Students during the Vietnam War began to organize student groups. All of these student groups began to form across America to oppose the War in Vietnam. Student groups like, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) led protest demonstrations against the war. The SDS also led a major anti-war demonstration in Washington, D.C. on November 27, 1995 the group received strong media coverage. Student unrest continued throughout

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