Essay on Hip Hop vs Punk

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The fashion aspect in Hip Hop and Punk is very distinctive. Throughout Hips Hop’s history, the fashion trends have evolved, but the concept of Hip Hop fashion has always remained conceptually unchanged. This has given birth to a few varieties among Hip Hop fashion according to their respective generations and choice of self-expression through the four pillars of Hip Hop which are Bboying (dance), MC/Rap (music), DJ (music) and Graffiti Art (visual art). The varieties of fashion within the Punk culture differ from Hip Hop in a different aspect. While Hip Hop’s fashion alternatives were born from historical factors within the cultural aspects, Punk’s sense of fashion stems from the different mentalities that exist within the Punk subculture. …show more content…
Hairstyles are probably very much significant in the Punk culture as Punks have often been associated with extreme hairstyles such as the Mohawk, Trojan and Spikes. Apart from the noticeable hairstyle, dyeing is also integral to some Punk subcultures. Punk Skinheads, although being a part of the Punk subculture shave their heads unlike their other Punk counterparts. Hip Hop followers do not share the same concepts of hairstyle with Punks; instead Hip Hop followers prefer to cover their hair with headgears such as full caps, flat caps, beanies and bowler hats. Hairstyles among Hip Hop followers are usually influenced by traditional African styles, although, some hairstyles from Punk such as the Mohawk have been adapted into Hip Hop by the Bboys (dancers). Punk women are usually asexual in their appearances and rebel against stereotypical images of women. Women in Hip Hop however tend to either emulate a “tough guy” attitude, promoting sex appeal or presenting a unique style of Hip Hop femininity.
The Punk and Hip Hop cultures can be compared and recognized by the difference in their art, poetry, ideologies and lifestyles. Bboying is a type of dance style unique to Hip Hop, where a dancer uses a variety of dynamic movements significantly influenced by classic martial art movies, shows like Soul-train and movements

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