Essay on Hip Hop And Its Influence On Children Growing Up Today

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Society does not realize how much music has an impact on children growing up today. It’s an important role in socializing or doing daily tasks and activities. It’s not a proven fact, but without music the world we live in would be boring and dull. Music inspires us and it gives us sense of meaning. The youth of today’s generation relies on music to do so many things. It influences their behavior, forms their identities, and social lives.
Today new and upcoming artist have changed the face of music. Hip-hop being the most changed. Hip Hop music made African-American men feel proud to be black and empowered. It inspired them to be someone, they knew how to respect those around them, and were taught more than just lust and violence. Hip-hop music today is now about greed, money, sex, disrespecting woman, and materialism. Over the generations, “Lyrics have become more explicit in their references to drugs, sex, and violence over the years, particularly in certain genres. “Hip –hop and rap being one of the genres. An example of rap and hip-hop music influencing younger listeners would be, the 80’s -90’s era rap group NWA, they created a song called “F*ck the police” this song bashed law enforcement officers. It caused their fan base to start riots and violence to outbreak in Compton, California. . New generations today, listen to songs that are drug related or the music videos show alcohol and “dabbing”. “Dabbing” is the latest trend that was set by an artist in their video.…

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