Hill Family Farm And Youth Agriculture Summer Camp Essay examples

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1. Project title: Hill Family Farm/Youth Agriculture Summer Camp Description the Hill Family Farm/Youth Agriculture Summer Camp is located in Whitakers/Edgecombe County. Our farm sits on a 25 acre land. We have 5 acre is dedicated for the farm animals/Agro-Tourism. 1.50 acre for the garden where we grow fruits and vegetables and 1 acre for culinary and medicinal herbs, for physical activities such as walking, and bicycling we utilize the 1/5 mile drive way and ¼ acre playground. During the summer the children participating on the Youth Agriculture Summer Camp will have the opportunity to learn how to grow fruits, vegetables and herbs, and learn to recognize the different culinary herbs and their health benefits. We are very fortunate to have a very solid relationship with the North Carolina Cooperative Extension and their Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program “Eating Smart and Moving More” the youth are going to experience a 6 weeks of learning how to prepare healthy food, and increase their physical activities. ____________________________________________________________________________

2. Project goals: What would you like to achieve as a result of your project?
The Youth Agriculture Summer Camp goals are to create an awareness on healthy eating, how to take care our body and increase physical activities. But more .importantly teaching them the principals of growing their own fruits, vegetables and herbs. They will learn to eat more fruits and…

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