Higher Education Or Not? Essay

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Higher Education or Not?
Charles Murray, in his article “Are too Many People Going to College?” addresses that students should learn the “core knowledge” from an early age. He underlines that children in grades kindergarten through eighth are far better off with memorization and learning the facts easier. He also argues that in high school children should only take social science and humanities courses that will prepare them for college classes. Murray states that going to four year college could be a right decision for high school graduates that are skillful in higher reading and writing. However, it might not be a right financial choice for everyone. The average student is most likely wasting their time taking “Liberal Art” classes which won’t serve them any good in the future or with their careers. Overall Murray is arguing that “universities system in America doesn’t make sense any more and crucially is creating class-riven nation”. Learning core knowledge from a young age and having a certificate in any vocational career could have more of a job security and is more beneficial than wasting both your time and money by getting your bachelor’s degree in art, when you aren’t going to pursue liberal arts. There should be more alternatives to secure your future success without wasting time or money.
All citizens should have the benefit of learning core knowledge and liberal education throughout their twelve years of education. Children shouldn’t wait until they get into a…

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