Essay Higher Education And High Education

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Higher education, especially when studying in a specific degree program, can be extremely beneficial to the quality of life for many people. However, this statement does not imply that higher education will benefit the lives of everyone. Higher education, particularly when attending a four year university, is a monumental expenditure in which a negligible sum of people can afford. Pursuing higher education doesn’t guarantee job security, distribute happiness, or assure the success of financial leverage, because nothing in life is for certain. What higher education can do is provoke intelligence and provide life experience that can enrich one’s existence. Higher education is extremely valuable in that striving towards higher education can inspire a new consciousness towards the life around them, equip an individual with the knowledge necessary to pursue their career choice, and also allow young individuals to discover their purpose in life while maturing into a whole individual.

Gaining the perspective of a liberal arts education is extremely valuable in today’s society. Longwood University requires each student to complete a set of general education goals in order to graduate. These goals contribute the convenience of a liberal arts education while studying towards a specific major at Longwood University. The influence of society often pressures students to pursue a specific major that will qualify them for a high paying job. This causes some college students to only show…

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