Essay on High Social Status Help Odysseus On His Journey

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In the Odyssey, many characters of high social status help Odysseus on his journey. However, some helpful characters also happen to be of a low social status. Eumaeus, Eurycleia, and Philoitius, invoke the theme of loyalty throughout the epic. Even though there is loyalty to Odysseus from kings, gods, and princes, his most loyal characters are one of the lower statuses. Although these characters do not have much, their loyalty to Odyssey ensures that he is able to drive the suitors away from his home. These characters manage to get heard in the epic because of their loyalty to Odysseus. Eumaeus for example, was the first mortal whom Odysseus encountered when he returns to Ithaca because Odysseus believed Eumaeus could be trusted. Eurycleia, another loyal servant, can be heard in the epic due to her ability to recognize Odysseus from his scar. Philoitius is heard in the epic as he stands alongside Odysseus in his fight against the suitors. Even though the Odyssey has major characters that are kings and gods, without these lower status characters, there is no plot or ending of the story, which shows the extreme importance of their loyalty to Odysseus. One of Odysseus’ loyal characters in the epic does not come from a god or a king, but rather a swineherd named Eumaeus. Eumaeus is not mentioned in the book until Odysseus returns to Ithaca. When Odysseus returning to Ithaca, understands that the only person he can trust is Eumaeus, which is why he returns to see him first in…

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