High School Should Not Be An Athlete Essays

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No one went to the same high school. Though a person may have physically been in the same building as another, their overall views of what high school is will always vary. While one may have seen high school as the best four years of their life, the other may already repressed the memories of it. A jock, nerd, drama starter, and social outcast would all define high school in very different ways. Though these student archetypes are quite cliché, they are extremely real and exist in almost every school. A jock’s high school experience completely revolves around being an athlete. Stereotypically, they are mostly male, but of course there is always variation. Their ultimate goal as a member of the high school is to become the quintessential star of their specific sport. To them, high school is not a place of education, but a playground primed for entertainment. Consequently, they give no thought to their grades and the work they put into them. They are often packaged with a huge ego and complete disregard for others. Specifically, a jock in a classroom might be seen dozing off or searching through sports highlights on their phone. They’ll often crudely crumple a piece of their work into a ball to practice their three-pointer on a trashcan on the opposite side of the room. When their friends are around, they’ll occasionally wrestle each other to prove their dominance over the other. The environment of such skirmishes is usually completely ignored by the jocks. Often it…

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