High School Dropout Rate Has Increased Over The Years Essay

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High School Dropouts The High School dropout rate has increased over the years, even more so over the last ten years. From what I understand a multitude of students are dropping out daily. This is a major problem because without a high school diploma, getting a job becomes very difficult and getting a good job with a good quality of life becomes even more difficult than it already is. Some of the causes that more and more teenagers are leaving high school before graduation can be linked to recreational drugs, parental involvement , the school they attended and the student themselves.,

In the last few years recreational drugs have played a huge part in the dropout rate. Such drugs include marijuana, alcohol and the harsher drugs like heroin and meth. Marijuana and alcohol are the most commonly known and sold inside school grounds to students, so those are the ones I will be focusing on. When someone does one of these drugs they can experience a combination of various side effects such as a short attention span, lack of energy and motivation, bad judgment, impaired communication skills and diminished effectiveness in social situations. This can be destructive to a teen’s high school career if they do the drug regularly, because if the student has no motivation then it makes it hard for them to succeed in school and ultimately graduate.

The effect of the lack of sleep can impair learning, time spent being high could be spent on studying and trying to reach the academic…

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