High Prevalence Of Physical Health Essay

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Recognised for a number of decades is the high prevalence of physical health disorders and increased mortality in persons with a serious mental illness (SMI) (Scott & Happell, 2011). For people with SMI, physical health promotion does not currently fit easily within the health system as a result of multiple boundaries. The capability of the system to respond is hindered because of these boundaries. In 2007, more than half of Australian adults who had experienced SMI between the ages of 16-85, reported a co-occurring physical condition in the previous twelve months (Scott & Happell, 2011). Often, the most common causes of mortality are treatable effects of poor physical health (Happell, Scott, Platania phung, & Nakivell, 2012). Individuals with a SMI have a reduced life expectancy of twenty years (Happell, et al. 2012). Those with a SMI are twice more likely than the general population to be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, hepatitis, type two diabetes mellitus (Happell, et al. 2012), HIV infection and some forms of cancers (Robson & Gray, 2007). Specific lifestyle aspects such as unhealthy habits, behaviours and attitudes lead to chronic disease and mortality (Stanley & Laugharne, 2014). Dominant contributors to poor physical health appear to be poor diet, physical inactivity, high cholesterol levels and smoking tobacco (Stanley & Laugharne, 2014). Mental health professionals need to be knowledgeable about physical health care complications associated with mental…

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