High Blood Pressure ( Hbp ) Essay

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Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure (HBP), is a $46 billion dollar industry affecting 29% of Americans, yet the medical profession has left itself open to disruptive innovation from apps. The chronic condition wherein blood flows through the arteries at an elevated level increases your risk of stroke, heart failure, and death among other heart-related complications. The number of Americans affected by HBP will continue to grow exponentially in the coming years. Consequently, our health expenditure will increase to offset the demand for treatment of HBP. There is an urgent need for intervention as the current business model is ill-suited to meeting the need for the treatment of chronic conditions such as HBP. Alternatively, the current business befits acute conditions on a short-term base. For this discourse, I reviewed a sample of 20 apps that reflect the current industry—showing how their business models fill in gaps in the current industry. The industry’s reluctance to differentiate between the treatment of acute and chronic care presents an opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs to reform and rethink an antiquated business model for treating HBP.
In today’s society, treating hypertension is a cumbersome procedure for the patient. First off, hypertension has no warning signs; making doctor visits the only way a patient knows whether or not they have hypertension. Therefore, leading to more expensive treatments of complications. Once diagnosed with HBP, the…

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