Essay on Hidden Deceptions Inside The Classroom

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Hidden Deceptions Inside the Classroom Although I agree with the authors’ ideas about how the students struggle to communicate in the classroom and how the curriculum bypasses communication between courses, my opinion differ from Tannen’s; gender is just a factor of many others that influence the behavior of a student. The sharing of ideas is fundamental for the development of a student, in the old Greece the education used to be taught by the spoken word, so the student and teacher had more interactions and discussions, therefore the understanding of the subject was easily grasped. Ms. Deborah Tannen explain why males participate in class more often than females in her article “How Male and Female Students Use Language Differently”. Meanwhile, Mr. Gerald Graff criticizes the educational subjects are isolated from one another in his article “Other Voices, Other Rooms”. Students are negatively affected by the lack of communication in the classroom. Some students struggle to verbally participate in class, this is because some of them are more social and or dominant than others, so the recessive individuals tend keep to their ideas for them instead of sharing, which is negative for all the classroom since many different and interesting points of view are repressed. Moreover, Ms. Tannen states “...a greater percentage of discussion time is taken by men’s voices” (345). However, I believe that this is because males tend to be more dominant than females that just mean…

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