Essay on Hidden Curriculum : How Well Do You Think?

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Hidden curriculum
How well do you think you know how your children are being taught in today 's school system? Maybe you did not know there is a hidden curriculum which categorizes children into special positions to either be the future working class or the new CEO of some corporation. Jean Anyon, chairperson of the Department of Education at Rutgers University describes in her article, "From Social Class and The Hidden Curriculum of Work," the different teaching methods, philosophies of education, and preparation needed to occupy a particular spot in the society. She does this by observing five schools from different communities located in New Jersey. When observing schools from one community to another, we find that the curriculum changed based on social class. The education is being scripted depending on the social class the student belongs to and it prepares certain students for the process of production. After reviewing the evidence that Anyon puts forward, it is clear that a hidden curriculum still exists in today 's schools.
The education that one receives depends mainly on which district the student attends. Social class divides the districts by working, middle, affluent and executive classes. Social class separates these areas by income, occupation, and students and the parent 's characteristics. The problem is that there is a difference in goals depending on which social class you belong to. Many of these children from the lower classes are less likely to graduate…

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