`` Hi, There, Samantha Rourke? Essay

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"Hi, there, Samantha Rourke?. I 'm Lieutenant Olivia Benson with the Special Victims Unit. This is Detective Rollins. Is it okay if we talk with you about what happened?"

The girl in the hospital bed with bruises on her face and pine needles in her hair doesn 't say anything for a while and then eventually says, "The nurses still need to do my exam."

"That 's okay. Would you like us to wait for them to do that before we talk?" Olivia asks, as gently as she can.

Samantha shrugs. "No. I can do it now."

"What 's the last thing you remember abut last night?" Rollins asks, taking out a pad of paper and pen.

Samantha looks at the ceiling and exhales. "Well, I remember that I went to a party with my sister Ashley because that was the only time that I would be able to see her that day. I didn 't even want to go out, really that night, but, I did because I wanted to be with Ashley. I drank. Alot. I remember that there was a guy who kept hitting on Ashley and he made her really uncomfortable. Then I remember waking up here. That 's all."

Rollins writes down on her pad what Samantha has told her. "Okay. Do you know what happened to you, Samantha?"

"You can call me Sam," the girl says, "And no, I don 't. I 'm guessing nothing good."

"Well, we were called because the nurses think that you were raped, Sam," Olivia says, sitting down in the chair beside the hospital bed Sam lies on.

The color drains from Sam 's face and her mouth gapes in disbelief. "R-Raped?"

Olivia nods.…

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