Hero Vs Hero

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Many people have asked me what I think of when I hear the word hero. Some people think of superheroes, such as Batman, Superman or Spider Man. However, heros can be normal people without super hero powers such as teachers, parents, and coaches. Just like Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien, I too had heros help me in my life. Bilbo and I both have people in our lives that helped us achieve the impossible. Along the way both Bilbo and I evolved into heros. Gandalf, my parents, and my coach all share heroic traits and even some differences in the way they helped Bilbo Baggins and I in our adventures.
Gandalf and my parents share similar and different ways in which they helped Bilbo and I in our adventures. Gandalf states to his group,
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Christopher Reeve, an American actor who played Superman, stated “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and ensure in spite of overwhelming obstacles”. This quote is amazing because I do not think a lot of people realize that they can be a hero. Like Christopher Reeve stated, Bilbo and I too had to find strength to persevere and ensure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. For example when Bilbo ran into Gollum and defeated him and still got away from the Goblins ,and when I proved everyone wrong and committed to a D1 college. Nobody thought I could do it. They did not think i had the skills and the heart to be a Division 1 athlete. But I did not let what they were saying get to me. I knew I had the heart and the skills to play and I was going to play no matter what it took. On page 92, Bilbo just escaped from the Goblins and he was on his way to find his group again when he overheard his group talking about him. They said, “ He has been more trouble than use so far”. “If we have have got to go back now into those abominable tunnels to look for him, then drat him, I say” (Tolkien 92). Despite what they said about him, Bilbo kept his head up and proved them wrong. Bilbo and I share differences in the way we helped ourselves to become our own heros. Bilbo uses a ring to hide himself when he is in a tough spot and when needs to get away, and I do not. I cannot disappear when I am in a tough spot. I have to handle things on my own and get through it on my own while Bilbo needs the help of a magical ring to escape from his problems. Bilbo uses the ring to escape from the Goblins,” And there was the ring still, in his left pocket, and it slipped on his finger. The Goblins stopped short. They could not see a sign of him”. (Tolkien 88) Bilbo and I our are own heros because we helped shape our futures. Because Bilbo went on

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