How Does Bilbo Change In The Hobbit

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Bilbo Baggins was a shy, timid hobbit who wanted nothing more than a cup of tea and some food in his belly. This young hobbit seemed set on his beliefs and values. Following an adventure that contained long walks, wars, and escape plans, he was changed. On the other hand, who wouldn’t be? After Bilbo was taken out of the comfort of his cozy hobbit hole, he grew in bravery, confidence, and leadership. Bilbo was quite content in his hobbit hole when he was disturbed by Gandalf the Grey. As Gandalf introduced the idea of an adventure, poor Bilbo wanted nothing to do with it. This hobbit could not help but think of the monsters,treacherous walk, and starving belly. Mr. Baggins decided to play it safe and declined the invitation. After an unexpected …show more content…
Bilbo relied on Gandalf and the dwarves for his survival during the beginning of the trip. He was skittish and worried about each event that occurred. As Bilbo began to develop more bravery and confidence, the two descriptors of a leader, he began to take control of the situations. For example, when the dwarves were kidnapped by the elves Bilbo rescued them by creating an escape plan down the river in barrels. Bilbo had enough confidence and courage to take authority over the problem occurring. This was quite a large change for the once timid hobbit. He became a true member of hobbit history and member of the dwarves company. Bilbo Baggins changed from a hobbit with not much purpose to a leader and hero over a course of a year. This dynamic character in The Hobbit made a huge influence on the other characters by coming out of his shell to display his hidden bravery and confidence. Bilbo acted as a silent leader by coming up with solutions for problems, but still allowing Thorin and Gandalf to lead the overall journey. As the hobbit returned home to a similar lifestyle as he had before, one difference stood out. The hobbit who was timid and shy was replaced with Bilbo Baggins, a brave and confident

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