The Hobbit Persuasive Essay

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Project- Level One Prompt A
“Let's have no more argument. I have chosen Mr. Baggins and that ought to be enough for all of you.” Bilbo Baggins was an earthly hobbit with a genuine heart. When a task of such ingenuity was at hand, he took a step out of his hobbit hole to help on an adventure of a lifetime. During this adventure, this hobbit proved to be a leader like none other. Bilbo Baggins was a forerunner in this journey, and is definitely a leader when Gandalf is away. Selfishness was never displayed in a character such as Bilbo. When he found the Arkenstone, later that day he made up his mind, he would give it to Bard. He did this because he saw what it did to Thorin, and he advised himself against causing such greediness and avidity. Another example is when he made the decision to be the one to descend into Smaug’s lair, even when he did not want to confront him. The entrance to the lair would not even have been discovered without the key that Bilbo
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However true that might be, his arrogance and greed clouded his judgement, hindering his abilities to command the adventurers. Gandalf’s advisement for Bilbo to join the journey was the best decision possible for the destiny of the dwarves.
Bilbo was a leader whenever Gandalf was away solely because he knew that he did not want to fail, and his determination and quick thinking is what got everyone to a efficacious and happy ending, even if it was literally their ending. Even when Bilbo was put in the spotlight, he shone even more by being a great leader. Sure, the dwarves might not have trusted him before, but by the end of the book they all came around. Gandalf proved to be right when he announced, “There is a lot more in him than you guess, and a deal more than he has any idea of himself. You may (possibly) all live to thank me

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