Hemochromatosis Research Paper

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The human body is like a machine that always needs technical reviews. There must be a harmony between each "department" of the body. But this does not always occur due to diseases that affect thousands of people day after day.
In 2008, my uncle was stricken with a disease called hemochromatosis. It is a disease that can be hereditary or secondary, but is highly related genetic conditions. Hereditary hemochromatosis is a classic example of a genetic disorder that changes the way in which iron absorption is made, resulting in the accumulation of iron in body tissues and toxicity. The most common symptoms are weight loss, diabetes, arrhythmias and psychiatric outbreaks. My uncle died and a few years later, other relatives found out they had the

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    Hemochromatosis What is Hemochromatosis? Hereditary Hemochromatosis is an iron disorder in which the body simply loads too much iron. Too much iron can lead to life threating conditions, such as liver diseases, heart problems and diabetes. Hemochromatosis is most often seen in people who have two copies of this C282Y mutation (one from the mother and one from the father). Hemochromatosis is not something that be cured, the patient will need to be monitored and treated for the rest of his life…

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    overload? You may be asking yourself, what exactly causes hemochromatosis? The main reason that causes hereditary hemochromatosis is when a person inherits two mutated copies of the HFE gene from each parent. Both genders have the same chance of inheriting the gene Not everyone with the HFE gene develops the disease Summary and Conclusion If your body cannot maintain a healthy and regular amount of iron, you are in risk of Hemochromatosis aka Iron Storage Disease. The condition can be caught…

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    than most people. For many years, hemochromatosis has been a mystery to medicine, and scientists all over the world have investigated the causes and symptoms of this hereditary disorder, and identified its precise location in the chromosomes. Hemochromatosis has been nicknamed “Bronze diabetes”, because it may be accompanied by diabetes mellitus and increased skin pigmentation (darkening…

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