Analysis Of Helter Skelter: The True Story Of The Manson Murders

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In 1974, “Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders”, was written by Vincent Bugliosi. Who was a Los Angeles attorney that persecuted Charles Manson 1971 for directing the death of the in the Tate and La Bianca Murders. Right when you open the book Bugliosi writes,” The story you are about to scare the hell out of you “. The book I am about to explain was chosen because those that followed Manson, listened and believed every word he said. The book showed how the whole process started and gave an insight about what was going on behind the curtains. The story was brutal and disturbing in many aspects covering the case.
Nonetheless, when you first open the book Deception was one of the main sociological themes of the book that was mentioned. Charles Manson had a charismatic personality that inflicted as a mind control. He had attained a group of young people following him and believed in every word he said. Enough to the point
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Bugliosi convinced the jury that Manson was showing signs of being a leader of a cult. The conflict theory shows that conflict is inevitable in any group in society. Bugliosi shows the concept in book that there’s more negative thoughts in the book. The deaths all contain human impulses that the Manson family would be going on. I believe that the symbolic interactions would be used in the book. There is non-verbal communication between the family members that there is no need to talk. When trials were being held, the girls would giggle to themselves as if there was an inside joke going around. With this the points in the book about the trial would have varied differently because then the Bugliosi, himself and the detectives, would have to find ways to figure out the family’s way of communicating. The family breaks all the stereotypes of a peaceful, loving hippies. They prove themselves to be no one would suspect them to

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