Hello Dolly Analysis

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Hello Dolly
Hello, Dolly! is a musical about a match maker who doesn’t have a match to call her own after being widowed. When business brings her to Yonkers, New York she finds the ideal match. Dolly goes through an eventful couple of days trying to make Mr. Horace Vandergelder fall in love with her. Along the way, she meets many people such as Cornelius Hackl, Barnaby Tucker, Irene Molloy, and Minnie Fay and creates chaos and much more. The story goes through her crazy way of thinking and creative ideas that eventually end in her marriage. It’s a romantic comedy of musical theater.
The story is set in the late 1800’s. All costumes match this era, such as long dresses, hats, and braided hair. It begins with Dolly walking through crowds of people singing about all of the things she does. She says her main purpose in life is to arrange things. She is a woman of many talents such as planning parties, reducing varicose veins, and creating matrimony. Dolly goes around and gives everyone in
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The owner is the woman their Mr. Vandergelder is supposed to marry. Cornelius and Barnaby meet Irene Molloy and Minnie Fay and talk for a while. Cornelius falls in love instantaneously. Trouble arises when Vandergelder comes into the shop. They beg the two women to hide them from their boss so he won’t know they’ve closed the shop for the day. He and Irene begin to talk and realize they both know Cornelius. He becomes suspicious. Dolly comes in just in time to save them from being caught. Dolly makes up stories so Horace believes that Cornelius is well known by everyone. They talk until Horace leaves. Dolly then sets it up to where Cornelius and Barnaby ask Minnie and Irene to dinner at the Harmonia Gardens. She does this to make Irene less interested in Horace so she can have him to herself. The two men convince their dates that they’re rich, well known guys in the New York

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