Helios Airways Flight 522 Research Paper

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Helios Airways “Ghost” Flight 522

Abstract : Helios airways flight 522 carrying people to their holiday destination took a tragic dive into the mountains when the whole crew and passengers became unconscious. No one in air or on ground could determine in time what was happening. Investigation revealed that a pilot’s negligence on a routine check proved to be deadly for all 121 on board. Depressurization was the determined caused which happened when the pressurization was left on manual after a service check by the ground engineers. Even a last minute attempt by a flight attendant could not change their fate.
Helios Airways was a small Cyprus based airline operating scheduled and charter flights between Cyprus and many European and African destinations. It had its corporate headquarters at Larnaca International Airport .The aircraft concerned in this incident was leased by Helios Airways on 16 April 2004. Aside from this their fleet consisted of two leased Boeing 737-800s and an Airbus A319-111.With 121
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Loss of cabin pressure — which results in loss of oxygen and in turn hypoxia and unconsciousness of all —is the leading theory that explains the accident. This also coincides with what the F-16 pilots saw in the passenger section of plane, oxygen masks hanging and everyone seemed to be unconscious. Also according to the conversation that took place between ground control and pilot the latter was fixed on the problem of overheating and his mind never went towards the depressurization problem(since it was considered very rare). Investigation suggests that they were already showing signs of hypoxia and their brain was not working effectively so only chance they had was if someone from the flight crew would have been able to tell them about the low oxygen. Some reports suggested that this crash might have been avoided if the policy of locked cockpit doors was not taken up worldwide after

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