Helicopter Parents Influence On Children Essay

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Helicopter Parents Influence on Their Children
For parents, children are the treasure of life and the gift of God. It is no doubt to say that parents love all their children. They would like to see their children having a happy life. However, sometimes parents “pay extremely close attention to their child, and rush to prevent any harm,” so they become helicopter parents (Ingen 7). Caregiving style of helicopter parents influences on children’s behaviors and lives in a negative way, although they want to protect their child from harm, make their child succeed in both studying and working, and help their child become a good person. Helicopter parents do more harm than good and bring negative effects to their children. Firstly, many parents would like to protect their children, but helicopter parents end up controlling their children’s lives. When children go off on their own, these parents overreact and require them to stay in constant contact. For instance, when their children hang out with their friends, these parents want to know what they are going out for, or who they are going with. It means children have to tell everything which they did and even what they are going to do. Furthermore, these parents care excessively for their children. Many children have received several phone calls or messages from their parents while they are doing something. These parents think they are protecting their children, but they actually are limiting the freedom. On the other hand, they…

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