Helen 's Journey With A Terminal Illness Essay

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Medical conditions are scary and the conditions are even more devastating when it is your loved one that is given the diagnosis. Several emotions flood the mind at the exact moment the news is disclosed to the family. Recently, a 48 year old, female that was considered to be a beloved mother, wife, and daughter, was diagnosed with a rare medical condition known as Pulmonary Hypertension which affects the pressures in the heart and lungs. The disease had been misdiagnosed over a year before a very special doctor gave the family hope; this is Helen’s journey with a terminal illness.
Beginning the spring of 2015, Helen’s symptoms were present. She thought she had a cold due to the weather change. Helen was experiencing a cough, runny nose, shortness of breath, and tiredness; she felt miserable. Her husband, Paul, recalls telling her to go to the doctor because the symptoms persisted longer than the length of a normal cold; however, Helen believed that she would be fine and continued to treat herself with over-the-counter medication and an inhaler that she had at home. After several months of continuous illness, Helen experienced an episode of not being able to breathe. The ambulance had to be called to her home where she received oxygen immediately. She arrived at the hospital within two hours of the call to 911, but that was not soon enough; Helen had to be placed on a ventilator. The fight for her life was on and her family was beside themselves. Distinctly, Paul recalls…

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