Helen Tylee : An American Soldier Essay example

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Dorothy, however, did not seem to mind doing the extra work created when her brother left for. After all, Harlan, her future husband, was safe at home in Iowa despite her father’s disapproval. Even with her brother gone, the Sprout family farm was able to remain productive. Even when Dorothy got a job a teacher in Emmetsburg, she still returned home occasionally to help out on the family farm. She saw working on the family farm as more of a nuisance than a patriotic undertaking like women in the WLA saw it as.
Another Iowa farmwomen who was not a member of the WLA was Magdalena (Helen) Tylee. Helen Tylee was born in 1894 in Kindel, Germany. Helen learned English from the wealth German family she worked for and lived with. During World War I, she cooked for Russian prisoners of war. After World War I, she met her future husband, Ben Tylee, who was an American Soldier stationed in Andernach, Germany as part of the American occupation force after World War I. After getting married in 1922, they moved to Linn County Iowa where they set up a farm.
However, when World War II broke out, her husband reenlisted, leaving Helen to manage the farm. Helen did everything from feeding the livestock to gathering the eggs. She wrote letters to her husband detailing how the farm work was progressing. She took detailed accounts how much she spent maintaining the farm. Despite all the hard work she did in the absence of her husband, Helen saw the value of farm work in winning the…

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