Essay about Helen Clark as a Leader

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Helen Clark was one of New Zealand’s most effective Prime Ministers to date; the 5th longest serving of our 38 antecedent Prime Ministers (Wishart, 2008). In this text one shall learn about Helen Clark’s characteristics as a Prime Minister, her achievements during her three terms, some of her legislative implications, rough conclusion of why Helen Clark was successful as a Prime Minister and some insights into Helen Clark’s personality.

Helen Clark was known as an organiser and a “political machine”(Wishart, 2008) during her 9 years as New Zealand’s Prime Minister. A significant quality Helen Clark possessed as a Prime Minister was her backroom organising skill (“Helen Clark”, 2009). She was successful at drawing in good staff at the
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Why was Helen Clark so successful? Helen Clark gave people what they wanted; despite her bumpy journey with occasional controversies, Helen Clark still managed to deliver. Clark was a hands-on Prime Minister. Her work ethic was rarely challenged (“Helen Clark”, 2009). As mentioned in the first paragraph, Helen Clark was known as the “master of all portfolios”; she would take part in every portfolio that posed a threat to the government. Her micro-management also earned her the nickname “minister of everything” that illustrates an evidence of Helen Clark’s efficiency as a Prime Minister. Furthermore, as a feminist, Helen Clark also imposed positive legislation changes significantly for women that positively impacted the nation’s government party preference. Raising the benefit for child support and the renewing of the age of abortion are two examples of Helen Clark’s positive legislation changes specifically for women (Wishart, 2008, p. 297). It could be argued that Helen Clark’s actions played the role of a de facto president; Involvement in foreign affairs, making big decisions and building the nation are a few examples of Clark’s presidential-like actions. Michael Cullen took care of the office work while Helen Clark dramatically placed New Zealand on the

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