Held High: A Short Story

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Held High

I watched in horror as my best friend Jake took the beating for me. Jake and I had been best friends for at least 9 years, now we’re in highschool. These guys were always mean to me and this time they had cornered me in front of the school, but before they could punch me Jake stepped in and took the blow for me. I didn't like it when he stood up like that for me. It made me look like I couldn't handle myself But at the same time I was grateful because he knew that I wouldn't be able to do it for myself. After about five minutes went by my fifth class teacher Mrs. Shay ran out of school to break up the fight. She sent the two guys that were beating up jake to the principal's office. She turned to Jake and told him to go see the school nurse, then
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I've been waiting to see when you would show your ugly face again.” I turned to see the leader of the group of kids that always tried to make my life the worst.
“Heyyyy Gary” I said nervously. “Whats up?”
He smirked as if he was already proud of what he had planned to say. “Well I've been meaning to ‘talk’ to you lately but your buddy Jake has been getting in the way of me doing that. I heard in detention that you have gone separate ways so now there is no one to protect you. Meet me out front before school tomorrow and you’ll finally get what's coming to you.” He looked at me like a predator stalking his prey.
“Good to know.” I turned and left for the cafeteria.
After school I went down to Mr. Ray's classroom hoping that he hadn't left yet. The door was half open so I peek my head in and knock lightly. He turns his head and sees me, smiles, and joyfully says “Come in.”.
I walk into the classroom only half sure that I should even be there. “ I decided to take you up on your offer because after I talked to you this morning Gary threatened me to a fight before school tomorrow morning.”
“Well”, said Mr. Ray, “ first I want to know what you said back to him?”
“I kind of just blew him off.” I

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