Hegemonic Internationalism, Pursuit Of National Interests?

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Register to read the introduction… Iran’s form of hegemonic internationalism is nuclear weapons. Iran has been trying to develop nuclear arms to guarantee Iran’s security, economy, and international status. If Iran were to develop nuclear arms, the United States and other allied nations couldn’t just invade Iran because if they did a nuclear missile could be launched at their nation inflicting millions of innocent deaths that would ultimately be their fault. Building nuclear arms also enhances Iran’s status as a “leading state” within the world because they would then have the power to kill millions of people with the press of a button, to which only a few nations can attest to. Iran has an abundance of natural resources, mainly oil and gas. But the United States has pressured the UN to oppose sanctions upon Iran, which in turn makes it hard for Iran to sell their oil because the United States consumes 25% of the world’s oil. If Iran were to develop nuclear weapons then they could get the sanction removed by threatening the western world with a nuclear launch. Hegemonic internationalism in this case, is the building of nuclear arms because once Iran has nukes, they can flex their muscles a little bit and nations will give in to their demands. A good example of this is how Nazi Germany flexed its muscles in taking over Poland and the world’s

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