Hedonism In Romeo And Juliet

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Literature is sculpted by both the context in which it is composed as well as the perpetual essence of humanity, thus presenting relevance to societies of any era. Shaped by the postmodernist defiance of antecedent convictions, Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet acts as medium for his indictment of human dissatisfaction — ceaseless and inevitable. A product of the subversive 1996, the film criticises humanity’s natural inclination toward idealism and hedonism, exhorting viewers to forsake egocentrism and instead hold morality as precedence. Luhrmann marries concerns, both non-specific and specific to his context, through weighting the inseparability of fate and free will, whilst warning of the retributions subsequent to the denial of either
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Through Luhrmann’s depiction of idealism and hedonism, it can be discerned that the self-serving nature of humanity, both individually and holistically, remains certain; undetermined by milieu nor period. A pastiche of the Shakespearean “mutiny” of literary convention, Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet stylistically juxtaposes ever-shifting subcultures, transcending the simulacrum works of traditionalism of both contexts. The Postmodernist abandonment of societal conventions, prevalent in Luhrmann’s context and thus his work, adopts an embodiment through his protagonists’ sole pursuits of gratification — the foundation of social decay. The human psyche, both independent and conditioned in thought, lusts to fulfil its hedonistic and often disillusioning desires, as symbolised through the “star-crossed lovers” adamancy in pursuing their ‘ideal’: vengeance; love; freedom from condemnation. The tension between moral conformity and egocentrism, a strain due to the yearning for hedonism, is represented through ‘water’ as a motif, symbolic of the ever-present …show more content…
Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet epitomises how one must hold morality as precedence in response to all forces, conducive to the preservation of individual and holistic integrity.

Literature is a product of both its context as well as the humanity’s perennial nature, presenting relevance to an audience of any period. Through Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet, one is exposed to the impeding nature of idealism and hedonism, as well as the indivisible tension between free will and fate. It can be concluded that morality must be the core of all, in order to ensure that the unity and righteousness of humanity prevails. The irrepressible influence of a composer’s milieu engenders in texts and their context remaining eternally

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