Heart Failure : A Progressive And Chronic Condition Essay

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Congestive Heart Failure
Heart failure is a progressive and chronic condition that occurs when the heart muscle is weak and unable to pump adequate blood in order to meet the need of the body for blood and oxygen (AHA, 2014). There are two types of Heart failure namely Left sided and right sided heart failure. According to Moore & Roth (2015), left-sided heart failure occurs when the left ventricle failed to pump proficiently. It prevents the body from receiving adequate oxygen-rich blood. The blood backs up into the lungs causing fluid to build up and causes shortness of breath. ventricular septal defect cardiomyopathy, anterior myocardial infarction cardiac tamponade, etc. are causes of left-sided heart failure. Right-sided heart failure occurs when the right side of the heart unable to perform efficiently. It occurs as a result of fluid backing up into the stomach, legs and feet thereby causing swelling. Right-sided heart failure is triggered by left sided heart failure, a right ventricular MI, sodium retention, atrial septal defect or COPD (Maurer & Smith, 2009). The purpose of this paper is describe the approach to care for Mr. P’s condition, the recommended treatment plan, the provided technique for the patient and the family with education and the rationale.
An individualized care is the right approach to care for Mr. P by making the right diagnosis along with the development of the precise care plans that support the care. Skilled multidisciplinary team led…

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