Difference Between Hearing And Listening Analysis

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Understanding the difference between hearing and listening is the key to understanding how your brain works. From my understanding, there are four modes of hearing and listening when experiencing music. These four modes are known under the term called Quatre écoute, which is French for ‘Four listening’. Ouir, the first term is when you are capable of hearing but we are not paying attention to the sound. Entendre is when we are aware of the sound, ready to listen to it. Ecouter is when you are selectively listening to one or more sounds rather than any surrounding noises. Finally Comprendre is when you are listening to sound but trying to analyse it.
When you hear a sound, it is known as the sound pressure waves created by a sound source vibrating.
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The principles that our brains use are similar to those that are seen within the Gestalt theory. This theory looks into how you perceive objects with your eyes, it follows a series of principles which some of them can also be found in ASA (Auditory Streaming Analysis). Throughout I will be referring mostly to the Gestalt Theory which is a theory based on the ability to perceive and understand through the …show more content…
Symmetry gives us a sense of order, which as humans it is our nature to impose order on chaos. We want things to be tidy and not messy, and making things symmetrical gives us that. In music we even like to make things symmetrical and order, for example the time signatures within a song are rules allowing things to have order. Saying that, music that does not have a key signature can also have order. An audio example of symmetry would be two instruments playing the same melody line in sync with each other. The final principle that is important is common fate. Common fate is when an object is perceived to be going on a path. Much like a train on its journey or a flock of birds moving. When a single note is rising from low to high, we identify that it is on a path. You could say that the reason why we recognise this is because of the similarity that is happening. Once heard that the note is rising and only rising, it is expected to carry on rising until it has reached the

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