Healthy Relationship Interview : How Long Have You Been Together?

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How long have you been together?
Chuck: We 've been together 20 year 's.
Jo: I don 't know what he is talking about, because we been together 21 year 's Charles.
Stan: 2 yrs. and about 11 months.
Shay: It has only been two year 's? No way! I would say we 've been together over 3 yrs., babe we are approaching our fourth summer. If feels like 5 to me.
Where did you meet?
Chuck: We met over the phone.
Jo: We met thru a friend, on the phone.
Stan: We met in High school and than later at a cookout.
Shay: We did not meet in high school babe, I only went to that school for two months in twelve grade and you were in college. We met in middle school. His first cousin was in my 6th grade class and we were introduced. Than that same cousin invited me to his mom 's cookout 17 yrs. later.
What did you first love about your partner?
Chuck: I really enjoyed Jo Jo 's conversation.
Jo: He was very charming.
Stan: My wife is a very loving and a kind person. Also her wit and personality keeps me laughing.
Shay: I was first intrigued by the way he carried himself as a single 30 year old man.
What do you love now?
Chuck: Everything! Well I can 't pick her up like I use to. (Laughter)
Jo: Charles, you are not a slim goody anymore either. Getting back to the question. We will agree on everything. Yes, I truly love my husband.
Stan: I still love the same things such as, her personality, work ethic, determination, her drive, beauty, and her…

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