Healthy Grief Essay

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Running head: HEALTHY GRIEF

Healthy Grief
Joby Reji
Grand Canyon University
Spirituality in Health Care
Verree Laughlin
October 06, 2012

Healthy Grief
Grief can be defined as the internal and external reaction of a person to the perception of loss and it is a normal response (Smith & Segal, n.d). In life all human beings deal with grief at some point or another. The causes of grief could be the loss of a loved one, the diagnosis of a terminal illness, the illness or disability caused by an accident, divorce, miscarriage or even a natural disaster (Smith & Segal, n.d). The depth and duration of the grieving process depends upon the personality of the person, the coping ability, the experiences of life, and the
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Job’s speech in chapter 6;9 shows that he was depressed and he was pleading God for a quick death realizing that if his condition remains the same he may not hold out trusting in God for ever and he wanted to die as a believer. The final stage of acceptance is evident in Job 13:15, this verse shows the depth of Job’s faith and he valued God’s faithfulness more than his life. In Job chapter 42 after Job’s conversation with God he had nothing more to say and Job received all his fortunes double folded
While comparing the Job’s story to Sikhism, the Sikh people also believes that accepting God’s will is the fundamental purpose of life (Sikhs seek ways to address their grief. (n.d.). Sikh community also experience all stages of grieving process as described by Kubler Ross, but at the same time they experience pressure to show a more stoic face to the outside community who are not familiar with their culture and beliefs (Sikhs seek ways to address their grief.n.d.).
An important thing Dr. Elisabeth Kubler Ross noticed in her research was that, the one and only thing that persisted throughout all stages of the grieving process was “hope” which helps the grieving person to lead a meaningful life. The story of Job also gives us an understanding of the spiritual discipline in Job’s life. With all the sufferings in his life he looked at God for the strength and support even though he did not

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