Healthy Grief Essay examples

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Grief is an inner sense of loss, feeling of emptiness and sadness every human being experience at some point of life and each person feels and handles it differently. But there are some common stages of grief which starts from recognizing a loss to the final acceptance. It is not necessary that grief should occur after the death of a beloved one. Grief is the multifaceted response to death and losses of all kinds, including emotional (affective), psychological (cognitive and behavioral), social, and physical reactions (Stroebe, Hansson, Stroebe, & Schut, 2001). Grief is a healthy response to a loss, which should not be prevented. But grief lasting more than two months and is severe enough to interfere with daily life may be a sign of …show more content…
Blessed be Yahweh’s name” (Job 1:22). While comparing Kubler-Ross’s stages of grief with that of Job’s story, the first stage would have been denial which helps to survive the loss. But there was no biblical narration that says Job use denial as a part of his grieving process. Instead he was asking his wife, “Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept trouble?”(Job 2:10). In stage two, when all these losses occurred one would usually get angry towards self, others, or towards God. Here Job neither got angry towards others or the God, but he got angry toward himself and cursed the day he was born. The third stage is the stage of bargaining, where someone bargains to get the life back as it was before. Job did not go to that stage even after his wife tells him to “renounce God and die”.
In the fourth stage or the stage of depression Job did withdrew from his life and it is evidenced in the chapter 2: 11, 12 that he was sitting in the ashes for seven days and nights since his grief was so great and he was not even talking to his three friends who were sitting with him for those seven days and nights. In the final stage of acceptance, one usually accepts the loss. Here in Job’s example he was accepting whatever God has given him without questioning. He didn’t say any words against Him. He believed that the God does have a plan and He will do the right thing. Once Satan got failed Job was provided with all his wealth and health in double and he was blessed

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